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City scenes

We started in Accra, and we were immediately bewildered and overwhelmed by the chaos and the cacophony. The Makola Market is huge, but even though our taxi driver dropped us pretty much in front of it, it took us an hour to figure where it was and how to get inside, which is how we ended up at a smaller market across the street. I needed a new watchband. In Schiphol Airport, there wasn't a watchband of any sort to be had anywhere, but in a market stall in Accra, I could get a custom-made band fo

In the Jamestown district of Accra

A street corner in Jameston

A local woman looks out at the world

We walked up from the harbor, hoping to find some street food, but there wasn't a restaurant in sight. Finally, someone pointed us to a little stand where a woman was selling rice with a spicy fish sauce. Foolishly risky, no doubt, but delicious!

Ghanaians are endlessly imaginative about the names they give to everything from their children to their cars and their businesses. I couldn't resist posing in front of Hilarious Services.

It sometimes boggles the mind to see how effortlessly people carry so much on their heads.

A casual stroll down an Accra street.

Cat Soup? Probably not, but who knows?

A typical shop in Accra

Looking at the world from our hotel balcony in the Osu District of Accra.

We returned to Accra after a trip along the coast to catch a plane to Burkina Faso. With an afternoon free, we decided to hit the local beach. The Billy Jane Medical Treatment Center, clearly a place offering a wide variety of services, was just behind Pleasure Beach.

The manicurist couldn't make change, so I decided to get a quick neck massage and forgo the change.

Woman at the Accra Airport

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