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Southwestern scenes

B'ali, our driver

On the way back, we stopped at Sindou, where these remarkable rock formations pop out of the ground.

It's a bit reminiscent of Bryce Canyon in Utah, in the American Southwest.

The "needles" of Sindou

Girls from an Islamic school visiting Sindou

Pat negotiating her way down the trail.

The domes of Fadedougou, near Banfora

On Christmas, we spent a good part of our day at the Cascades de Karfiguela (previously known as the Cascades de Banfora). Although the flow over the rocks has been reduced since a reservoir was built to irrigate the sugar cane fields, it still is a great place for an escape from the heat and the dust that prevails in Burkina. It was what we had hoped for, even it it wasn't the World Heritage city of Djenne in Mali. I later realized that I had spent another Christmas at the falls in 1977.

The rugged rock face. When I was here in the 70s, these rocks were obscured by the waterfall, but with more water diverted for irrigation, less water flows over the cliff face.

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