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More about Katvanger

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photo by Maryse Loranger

Katvanger was a blues-tinged trio that crossed borders – both literally and figuratively – with a mix of original compositions that cannot be easily pigeonholed or labeled. Some might call it roots or Americana, but in fact, Katvanger’s idiosyncratic eclecticism defies easy description, and with a conspiratorial wink, they’ve often described it as dubious blues, twisted roots, counterfeit country & western, and improbable jazz. With songs and stories that may recall the classic blues themes of pain, betrayal and abandonment, or may offer ironic commentary on the political and social issues of the day. And then, just for a change, they throw in a blues standard or an obscure cover.


Bass player Ruud Fransen has been playing rock ’n’ roll and blues since the sixties. He grew up in The Hague, co-founded the iconic Dutch blues band Livin’ Blues in 1966, and has played in numerous blues and rock bands over the years. And now, well into his eighth decade, he’s still at it. Katvanger’s Belgian-born lead guitar player Jan Vereçki seems to effortlessly invent elegant guitar riffs to fit the moment and the mood. In his spare time, he can’t seem to resist adding off-brand guitars to an already extensive collection. Ruud and Jan accompany – and try to impose order on – the American-born singer and guitar player Jim Wake, whose whisky-tinged voice belies claims of a comfortable middle-class upbringing.


Together – with Ruud and Jan providing instrumental accompaniment and backing vocals – they make music that swings and elicits irresistible foot-tapping and a smile. Music that is slightly subversive and highly infectious.

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