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A handful of home recordings

Old favorites we still love to play

(Gonna Move Into My) Fuckin' Car (Wake) - if life gets to be too overwhelming, you do have choices.

Money in my pocket (Wake) - a song about the unfortunate coincidence of good fortune and loneliness.

Wicked Willy (Fransen) - a latter day retelling of the old story of a rogue who's sold his soul to the devil.

You gotta know what to avoid (Wake) - in which the singer relates a few lessons learned from experience.

Pour l'Amour ou Pour l'Argent (Wake) - a song about a professional woman.

Back to the basics (Wake) - the language of politics, the language of scandal, the language of high finance, and the language of love have so much in common.

Convoluted Disconnected Blues (Wake) - things didn't work out quite as expected.

Checkin' up on my baby (Sonny Boy Williamson) - we hope Sonny Boy doesn't mind us taking a few liberties with his great blues classic, originally recorded in 1960.

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