A handful of home recordings

We haven't done any studio recordings, so here are a few recordings from rehearsals and gigs that give an idea of what Katvanger sounds like

I oughta know better (Wake) - confessions about a late night error of judgment

I seen the light (Wake) - on treachery and revelation

So late so soon (Wake) - you wake up with all sorts of ambitious plans, and then at the end of the day, you wonder where the hell the time has gone. And it's not all that different with life itself.

Traveler's Tale (Wake) - when you leave Ouagadougou to earn a bit of money, you can never be sure of your lover will be there when you return.

Time never mends a broken heart (Fransen) - Every self-respecting band should have a proper tear jerker. This is ours complete with a leaky roof, a sleeping dog, and the faint scent of perfume.

Blind faith (Wake) - People will promise you just about anything. You get yourself in trouble when you don't know when to believe them.

Please forgive me (Wake) - When your credit is bad, it's tough to get a break. And it doesn't matter if your a deadbeat bum or a member of the European Union.

Checkin' up on my baby (Sonny Boy Williamson) - we hope Sonny Boy doesn't mind us taking a few liberties with his great blues classic, originally recorded in 1960.

Money in my pocket (Wake) - a song about the unfortunate coincidence of good fortune and loneliness.

You don't have to worry (Wake) - You hurt me bad -- but hey that's OK, don't worry about it.

Wicked Willy (Fransen) - a latter day retelling of the old story of a rogue who's sold his soul to the devil.

You gotta know what to avoid (Wake) - in which the singer relates a few lessons learned from experience.

Pour l'Amour ou Pour l'Argent (Wake) - a song about a professional woman.

Back to the basics (Wake) - the language of politics, the language of scandal, the language of high finance, and the language of love have so much in common.

Convoluted Disconnected Blues (Wake) - things didn't work out quite as expected.

(Gonna Move Into My) Fuckin' Car (Wake) - if life gets to be too overwhelming, you do have choices.


Not the best video quality in the world, but here are a couple of video clips from recent gigs ...

Don't wake me up until I'm sober - Live in Cafe de Steegh in The Hague - September 2017

White Man - Live in De Gekke Geit in The Hague - May 2017


Woozy - Live in De Gekke Geit in The Hague - May 2017


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