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Nothing scheduled currently. We're waiting till it's safe and will let you know when we've got new gigs lined up.


Review - Bluestown Music has published a review of So late so soon in Dutch that kindly concludes that "Katvanger heeft met hun debuutalbum  ... een plaat gemaakt met eigenzinnige eerlijke blues die het beluisteren waard is." -- roughly: "a record of quirky and honest blues that is definitely worth a listen."

Bonus tracks - October, 2020 - We've added two "Quarantine Non-Contagious Pre-Election Special Bonus Tracks" to the album. They're included with your purchase, or if you want to check them out, they are available for one euro per tune at:


Interview - September 2020 - A couple weeks after we released So late so soon Fons Delemarre sat down to have a chat about the music and the album. The interview was published in Bluestownmusic.nl in September 2. Click on the links below for Dutch (from the site) or English.

OUT NOW! August

15, 2020 -- It took us more than a year, which is a lot for a pretty simple recording, but So late so soon is now available on Bandcamp.com. Check it out.

In the studio...

April 11, 2020 — Three months later and we’re still not there yet — but our endless recording project could be coming to an end sometime soon! We’ve been mastering our mixes (and sometimes doing a little remixing) and last week, offered a little pre-release sneak peak at the material during an interview on the local radio station Midvliet FM. Peter van der Aar, the host of Midvliet’s weekly Sunday program called “Kakafonie” invited us to talk about our music during his show and we decided to offer a few of the “near final” mixes for broadcast during the show. Because of the Corona Pandemic, what was supposed to be an in-studio interview was done by phone on a slightly scratchy line (in Dutch), but nonetheless, it's a world premiere of material from our upcoming album. Click on the player below to listen to the 30-minute interview and hear a few tunes just prior to final mastering.

​January 11 -- Things move slowly but we are getting there. We've mixed everything we recorded and are now putting the finishing touches on the project. We'll let you know when we're ready.

September 3 -- We've mixed the first five tunes and ... we're happy! We'll need a couple more sessions to mix and master the other tunes. We'll continue to report our progress here.


In early June, we ventured into a tiny studio in Den Haag to commit to posterity some of the material -- old and new -- that has never been properly recorded. So far we've done fifteen tracks and we're feeling pretty good about the results. Our thanks to Paul Verschoof -- that's Paul tending to the controls in the photo on the right -- for inviting us into his studio and investing hours and hours of his own time out of the kindness of his very musical heart and his appreciation of dubious blues and tangled roots. We'll report from time to time on the progress and of course, let everyone know when and if it turns into "product".

Kakafonie interview-April 5, 2020Midvliet FM with Peter van der Aar
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