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Jim Wake & Sleepwalker

Jim Wake & Sleepwalker

For more than 20 years, we played a brand of music we could barely describe – deviant blues, roots, Americana – something people seemed to relate to even if they (and we) couldn’t name it. We’ve now decided to go our separate ways – to pursue other interests and spend more time with our families, to use the euphemisms of the business world.


It’s been a very fine ride, with plenty of highs, a few lows, hundreds of gigs, three CDs (now available as digital downloads), one cassette of a live recording (now available as a CD) and a bunch of videos of questionable quality.


This website will remain up and running for the foreseeable future, with downloads, photos, videos, and links. 

Want to buy a bit of history?

All three CDs released by Jim Wake & Sleepwalker -- Preaching to the PervertedNot an Ordinary Night, and Whatever It Is I'm Against It -- are available as digital downloads from BandCamp.


Whatever It Is I'm Against  It is also also available as a CD (€10 plus shipping) from BandCamp and as a digital download from iTunes,, and, as well as several other digital distribution services. And yes, you can stream Whatver It is ... on Spotify and other streaming platforms.


You can also order by sending an e-mail to: Don't forget to include your mailing address and phone number.


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