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Whatever It Is I'm Against It


in which we embrace nihilism, nostalgia, and paranoia and reflect on how it all might have turned out rather differently.

Including a conspiratorial torch song, a somewhat ragged commentary on single malt whisky, and abbreviated homage to the Marx Brothers.


Released in October 2012, "Whatever It Is I'm Against It" is Sleepwalker's third studio recording -- a statement of rock and roll nihilism that cuts across boundaries and defies simple description (rock and roll, Americana, blues, rhythm and blues, etc.). 14 original tunes plus the title tune, which some of you may recognize from the 1932 Marx Brothers masterpiece, "Horsefeathers". Available as a CD or digital download from BandCamp at this link, and also as a digital download from,, and, and several other digital distribution services.


A few samples ...


Shopping Cart Man (Wake) - when you see a man who carries all his worldly possession around in a shopping cart, there's almost certainly a story behind it.

Knock knock knock (Fransen) - a rock and roll tragedy of good fortune squandered and mortality confronted.

Hangover blues (Wake) - Don't be fooled by the exorbitant prices and the fancy labels. The hangover is just as painful, whatever the price.

Whatever It Is I'm Against It (Harry Ruby & Bert Kalmar) - one minute of pure nonsense.

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