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Preaching to the Perverted


15 tunes to save your soul


in which illuminating commentary is directed to such human foibles as greed, lust, sloth, drunkeness, escapism, vanity, mindless infatuation, and procrastination.


And who better to provide the illumination than those with first-hand experience?


Click below to listen to examples of these lyrical tales of depravity and dementia. Judge for yourself. If you don't feel spiritually enlightened, take two aspirin and call your doctor.


If, however, you feel an irresistible urge to sway in your chair and tap your toes, or perhaps you find a 'hallelujah' spontaneously welling up in your breast, then by all means, you can download Preaching to the Perverted by clicking here



Kim (Kemner) - Sleepwalker's tribute to a woman who can't get her story straight. Featuring a harmonica solo by Egbert Kemner that'll make your toes curl.

Money in my pocket (Wake) - when there's no love object around, sometimes a brand name will have to do. Plus, Sleepwalker counts to seven in Spanish!

Rudy's delight (Kemner) - Is this a song about the ingestion of controlled substances? The secret pleasures that most mortals only dream of? Or what? If the composer knows, he's not saying.

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