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Caught in the act - videos and live recordings ...

We've never actually paid for a video, but from time to time, someone films a show and provides us with a copy. The results range from the sublime to the absurd. 

Cafe Koster, Groningen, Netherlands


We took a long ride up to Groningen in the north of The Netherlands for a Sunday afternoon gig at Cafe Koster. The lights were bright, the action fast and furious, and the cameras were running. A couple samples: 

No fool like an old fool

Checkin' up on my baby

I got a crush on you

Ancient history

Babe - Back in an earlier era, we did a gig for Radio West in the Zwarte Ruiter in Den Haag. The gig was recorded on one of the early streaming formats -- RealVideo. The effect was something between grainy and impressionistic, and the video quality is absolutely horrible, but it's a pretty decent performance

Pour l'amour ou pour l'argent - One of the eternal questions, and a tune we've been playing since the very beginning. This video posted to Facebook was recorded at a gig at "DNR Blues", in De Nieuwe Regentes in Den Haag in December 2014 (opens in new window).

Don't go no further
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