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Here's what they had to say about Not an Ordinary Night, released in 2004:


'With some singers, from the first note you hear, you think: that’s nice, that’s really fine. Jim Wake is that sort of singer. Throughout the entire cd, the band clearly shows that it possesses the necessary disipline and skill. The gentlemen never lose their way; the playing is everywhere solid and very much in the service of the tunes themselves. In short, an outstanding disk.."
-- Herman Joustra, Leidsch Dagblad


'Five outstanding Dutch musicians in the best blues and jazz tradition, led by an American vocalist/songwriter with a Tom Waits-like voice. Fine absurd compositions and top-notch musicianship.'  
-- Harmen van Aurich, Heaven


And about our first album, Preaching to the Perverted, released in 1999:

' ... high-spirited and warm-blooded ... remarkable songwriting talent ... original and timeless ... this cd includes a couple of real jewels.' 
-- Oor 


'Sleepwalker ... effortlessly steals the stage from ninety percent of the bands on the Dutch (rhythm) and blues scene.'  
-- Carp

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